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Lifelong skier and coach Blake Andreassen handcrafts bamboo poles ($89.95) in a North Vancouver studio. More than hearkening back to simpler times, Blake’s retro-looking bad-boys offer something more futuristic than aluminum or carbon fibre; they;re the only sustainable, biodegradable alternative out there. Besides being light, they’re kick-ass tough. Check out his flex test video and custom order the poles online.

Adam Earle – Lifelong Skier, Ski Racer

Best poles I have skied with bar none

As a lifelong skier and ski racer I have always looked for a ski pole that is light, has good flex and is easy on the hands to hold onto. When Blake first showed me his bamboo poles I was initially skeptical but once i skied with them I was hooked. The swing weight is fantastic, the superior flex allows you to pole ahead of your buddy’s in the race for the powder and the “holy cow” what are those conversations on the chairlift are priceless. I have skied aluminum, graphite and composite ski poles and Blake’s Vintage Bamboo Poles win hands down. Best poles I have skied with bar none.

Luc Cristina – Former Speed Skiing Swiss Champion

So busy during the last month, weeks, days, hours…but using very frequently your bamboo poles!

bamboo ski poles
As a FIS speedskiing delegate I always use a standard and technical ski equipment so, when I take my superb bamboo poles, it is synonymous of freeriding with my fat skis, in the great backcountries, on the largest and steepest slopes of the swiss and european mountains. That is the real spirit of skiing. Many thanks Blake for your great product.
Luc Cristina, former speedskiing swiss champion, FIS technical director and TD in the Speed Skiing Committee.

Toby Barrett – Grouse Mtn. Director, Snow School & Mountain Adventures

I recommend these ski poles to everyone

Blake’s ski poles really impressed me as soon as I took them out. I am pretty particular about what ski poles I use, preferring a lighter model with a nice even balance. These were perfect from the start. The natural flex of the bamboo gives me confidence that they won’t break when I need them most. From cat skiing to spring skiing, I recommend these ski poles to everyone.

Rick Brown – CSIA level IV, CSCF level III, Head Coach K2 Cypress Mountain

They are amazingly light, flexible and will support my weight for the inevitable crashes

I’ve been skiing all winter in very deep powder with Blake’s bamboo poles. They are amazingly light, flexible and will support my weight for the inevitable crashes. They are also a great conversation starter!